Monday, July 25, 2011

GB230 LG Hang In Logo Done Flashfile Inside

GB230 LG Hang In Logo Done Flashfile Inside
GB230 LG Hang In Logo Done Flashfile Inside


- Z3x LG Activated
- KE500 Cable


- Internet Connection
- Go to Google then Search GB230 Because no file in Support
- Open Z3x Shell
- Select Phone Model
- Select Com Port
- Click Connect
- Press and hold power
- Select Flashfile
- Click Write

Welcome to LG Infineon SGOLD3 TOOL v2x by NoName®
Models count: 73
Current OS : Windows XP
Welcome to Sgold3 Module!!
Count supported models - 73
Loading module , please wait...
PMB8810 Module 1.0b started. SW: Ver
Connecting to GB230 in UART Mode (COM10 ,921600)
Please reconnect battery, press and hold power button...
Phone found! (MCUMB8810) prebooting...
Release power button. Booting...
Reading info...
Flash ID: 0x8981
BOOT Stage Finished , sending authority...
Sending SEC pack...
Reading ...
Sending SEC pack...
Backup Saved AS:C:\Program Files\Z3X\LG\LGI_SG3\BACKUP\GB230_autobackup_07072 010_212830.eep
Analising EEPROM...
Phone IMEI:354362034795779
Unlock codes:
NCK[0]: 0000000000000000
NCK[1]: 9759014375316651
NCK[2]: 9759014375316651
NCK[3]: 9759014375316651
Finished in 13 seconds
Opening "GB230AT-00-V10e-CIS-XXX-JUN-11-2009+0.bin"...
Erasing Firmware...
Sending SEC pack...
Erasing done!
Writing Firmware...
Sending SEC pack...
Writing done!
Finished in 28 minutes 54 seconds.

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